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Every business with product should consider consignment

Every business with product should consider consignment

Sure there are some challenges that come along with consignment, but those challenges can be well worth it if managed properly. Sales, increased awareness, and great strategic partnerships are all possible through consignment. Last summer, we reached out to a few local independent stores as a means to sell our chocolate (hot temperatures make shipping chocolate more expensive). Now, it’s a y... »

Use Meaningful Gifts to Create Lasting Business Relationships

  Nothing expresses gratitude for those who make our businesses possible like an unexpected token of appreciation. Here are some occasions and inspiration for gift giving in the business world. Employee Recognition Money doesn’t make everyone’s world go ‘round. Employers cannot incentivize all employees the same way. Some people won’t be impressed by a $50 bonus, but pampering product... »

Women Entrepreneurs Radio Interview

I had SO much fun talking with Deborah Bailey with Women Entrepreneurs Radio last night about women entrepreneurship and rosieMADE LLC!  We spent a full half hour discussing the reasons I had for starting rosieMADE, our mutual passion for helping women, and various aspects of starting and running a business. Not only do I appreciate how kind and engaging Deborah was, I appreciate that she is an a... »

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