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Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey

I’ve wanted to watch Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey since it came out two years ago. This morning, in need of some inspiration, I carved out a few hours from work to watch it. While I was hoping for something that would inspire me, unfortunately, I walked away from the movie with no clear resolution. Like Detropia, it paints a grim picture of the American Dream. A picture of the divide betw... »

The Top 5 Ways “Saving” Money Costs Consumers

The Top 5 Ways “Saving” Money Costs Consumers

With the struggling economy, almost everyone has less money in their wallet than they used to. Consumers are trying to pay down debt, trying to recover from home value losses, and now trying to pay off escalating student debt. Every company seems to be pushing ways the consumer can “save” money, through coupons, deals, and financing options to get them to spend. Here are 5 examples of ways con... »

‘Lean in’ to this world?

A friend and fellow business woman just sent me a link to this video featuring Paul Tudor Jones, a billionaire trader and the founder of Tudor Investment Corporation and is valued at USD 3.3 billion by Forbes Magazine and ranked as the 107th richest American and 336th richest in the world (source: Wikipedia). While I am sure trading is a difficult job and it requires an intense level of dedicat... »

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