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Spending = votes

As this election year is already creating so much controversy, so much division, and also so many sides to every subject and issue, it makes me think about the voting process! The right to vote is something we shouldn’t take lightly. But, if you’re like me, with politics it is difficult to know who the best candidate is, or which side of the issue is really best for yourself or society.

Outside of going to the polls to place a vote, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we vote in other ways. I try to think of my wallet as a primary way in which I vote. For every dollar I spend, I am voting for a belief in that product, that company, or the end result of buying a product or service. I’ve been trying to vote for organics, and voting locally by supporting local farmers and businesses. Whenever possible, I vote for women-friendly companies. I try to vote for products that improve the life of myself and my family.

  • Have you considered how you vote with your dollars?
  • Do you own stock in any companies? If so, do you consider how this “vote” impacts yourself and others?
  • Do you donate to charities or organizations that do great things for you or your community?
  • If you are in business, do you vote for fair wages through your pay and benefits to employees?

With capitalism, there are SO many ways in which we vote each day! I’d love to hear your tips on ways you “vote” using your wallet!


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