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Smart Women Grant from Zions Bank

Smart Women Grant from Zions Bank

Back in June when we applied for a Smart Women Grant from Zions Bank, I remember thinking that it was worth the effort to apply, even if we didn’t get the grant. Outside of our time, the postage, and the basic office supplies it would require (a binder, tabs, etc.) there was no risk. It was a “no brainer” with the upside being the potential to win a grant for $3000. Now, I know that there is much more upside, including the potential for media exposure, additional awareness, and great, new connections in our community. It makes me really happy that we carved out time (from the numerous tasks required to get our start-up running) to apply!

We were selected as one of the six winners from a pool of more than 120 applicants! To know that there were so many great businesses, people, and projects that applied for these grants, makes me feel even more blessed that we received one. The $3000 will go to the redevelopment of our “community” page, with the intentions of providing more content and inspiration to support our rosie businesses better, while continuing our Real Life Rosie features, giveaways, and feature content.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with Toni Nielsen, Zions Bank Western Idaho Region President, and Nicola McIntosh, Zions Bank Public Relations Officer. They came to the rosieMADE store to present the check, and share some of the details behind the award—like the fact that in nine years, the bank has awarded more than $180,000 through the Smart Women Grants. I love the fact that the grants were created by Zions Bank as an extension of their ongoing commitment to empower women in achieving financial independence—now that’s something that more companies need to do. Want to read the press release from Zions Bank? Click here.

Pictured here with Katie and Toni Nielsen

Pictured here with Katie and Toni Nielsen
















A huge thank you goes out to Christina and Alisa for all of their hard work that went into creating our grant proposal. Unfortunately, both were unable to be here today to help accept the award.


rosieMADE group 2

Pictured here with a group of supporters who came to today’s festivities
















Thanks to the many friends who came out to the store today to be here for the presentation! You are my inspiration!  You make the crazy that comes with a start-up bearable! Thanks to the friends who shared, tweeted, and emailed, too. Then, there’s my husband–he’s such a blessing and talent. I am one lucky girl!


Photo with Michael and Toni

Photo with Michael and Toni
















Swing by the store soon so you can check out the big check—I’ve always thought it would be fun to have one of these, and now it gets to hang up on the wall!


Alicia rosieMADE 2



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