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We are thrilled that you are interested in joining Rosie’s Blog Review Crew!

Benefits to YOU!

  • You’ll be the first to receive new products at no cost!
  • You’ll be part of a small group of bloggers who are helping rosieMADE support women in business!
  • You’ll get social media mentions and back links from
  • Special discounts to offer to your audience

We have a few requirements to participate, which makes sure the reviewers (you!) and our vendors and consumers are well taken care of.

  1. A blog must be at least 3 months old, with at least 4 posts a month every month.
  2. The blogger must have a network reach of 1000 people (this network reach is a COMBINATION of email subscribers, RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, Pinterest followers, Google plus Circles, Facebook Friends or Likes). You don’t have to be on ALL these platforms just have a combined reach of what you are on of 1000 people.
  3. After these criteria are met, then you can join the Review Crew sign up list. You’ll be on a super-secret, super special list to find out what rosieMADE is sharing (to review) each month. You will get the new products FIRST!
  4. Each reviewer must review at least one product every quarter.
  5. Once you’ve received the product for review you have two weeks to create your review and post it to your blog.
  6. Each review post must include the following
    1. Image of product
    2. Link of where to purchase product
    3. Honest review of product. This can be written or a vlog.
    4. Once you’ve posted your review, share it on your social media and post it on the rosieMADE Facebook page and share it via Twitter so we can share it too (Don’t forget to like the rosieMADE page)!

While not a requirement, we’d love for you to add your review to our site, since we know our guests can benefit from your opinions.

Click here to sign up for Rosie’s Review Crew!

Please bookmark this page, since it will serve as a primary source of details!

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