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Susan Di Meo
Co-Founder, CEO, SYNderela
New York, New York

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“Don't dwell on what doesn't happen, but keep an open mind because success will not look like what you expected it to look like.”

Susan Di Meo is one of three women behind the NYC Custom Dress Brand SYNderela. The SYN is the initials for Susan, Yalenis, and Nicole. They are the ladies who put the “SYN” in Cinderella, where you chase your dreams not the Prince. Susan has been in the Fashion Industry for over 16 years and has had a passion for it since she realized what high heels were. She would run to put on her aunts’ heels when she was little (as soon as they would take theirs off). She loves everything about beautiful clothing. Susan is particular & like things her way, which is why she created a brand that catered to women having things their way. She believes in doing something right or not doing it at all. She loves telling a good story and believes that it is NEVER the dress but the woman wearing the dress that matters most. She is passionate about inspiring other women and young girls to follow their dreams and trust their gut instincts.

Susan is CEO at SYNderela, and manages all of the social media and marketing, as well as typical day-to-day problem solving. She graduated from St Johns with a degree in Marketing, after getting kicked out of the first college she attended for being rebellious (6 months prior to graduating). It’s one of her favorite stories.

What inspires you? People. The mind. Why people do what they do. I love discovering new things and REALLY understanding both sides of every (SYNderela) story. My God-daughter and her little sister inspire me. I want them to do great things and the only way they will learn is by a good example. The unknown inspires me, the forbidden inspires me. Doing things differently inspires me. Struggles inspire me (although not in the moment I’m facing them, but in hindsight). My mom inspires me (even though I typically go against what she says – ha). Quotes, books, and knowledge all inspire me.

Do you have a favorite quote? My favorite quote is “It is never the dress but the woman wearing the dress” by Yves Saint Laurent. I have many more, like my go to quote which is “Never give up.” I’m relentless. Especially when I’ve set my mind to something. If I want it I’m going to get it one way or another.

What are the most pressing issues facing women today? Equality. I think more so in terms of being a mom and having a dad share in the responsibilities. I don’t think a dad goes through what a mother goes through, it’s harder for her and I think it’s unfair. I think the burden of raising a child should be something both parents share equally. I think a lot of women give so much of themselves for everyone else and they aren’t appreciated enough.

What are the biggest keys to your success? Perseverance. Persistence. Not giving up, keeping at it no matter what. Doing my homework. Focusing on a certain category of dress & building that. Investigating who the key players are and becoming associated with that group. Social Media and going above and beyond for our customers. If customers are saying good things and they’re happy — I’m happy. SYN wins. I don’t gossip and make sure to bow out gracefully whenever I can.

What are the biggest keys to the advancement or success of women? Men and everyone embracing that women can do a man’s job just as good if not better than he can.

What advice do you have for a woman who wants to advance her career? Knowledge is power. Network, visualize what you want, and  focus on making it happen. Don’t dwell on what doesn’t happen, but keep an open mind because success will not look like what you expected it to look like. Most importantly, be ready to work your butt to the bone and to be scared to death. Know that change is inevitable — embrace these things — all will be well in the end

Do you see any differences in leadership skills and/or styles when it comes to genders? Yes. Women do not toot their own horn. We worry what others will feel or think and are more reserved when promoting ourselves.  I believe women are more empathetic when it comes to leading than men are.

Where is your product sold (if applicable)? Direct to our customer.

What are the biggest hurdles you’ve faced in starting or growing your business? How did you overcome these? Money. And, the girls and I not being on the same page at times. Plus we all share a similar trait  (stubbornness) which is sometimes a burden, but we stick with it. Tomorrow is always a new day (my dad always tells me that).

What is the most important element in running a successful company? There are so many and everything will sound so cliche’ but the truth is you MUST love what you do and it has to come from inside, like a fire. You have no choice but to keep moving. Get depressed, stay in bed for a day but then get up and get going.













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