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Denise Petersen
Owner and Founder, beFragrant
Boise, ID

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“We believe in selling healthy, fragrant body safe candles with exceptional value.”

I am Denise Petersen, the Founder and Owner of beFragrant.  I LOVE candles and I love a home filled with elegant fragrance!  Several years ago we had to repaint the high wall living areas of our home due to the black vertical lines that were getting very noticeable from the candle soot hugging the studs behind the walls!  We began to realize that our love of burning candles was destroying our home by coating our walls, ceilings and furniture, not to mention what it was doing to our health!

We literally stopped burning candles for that reason and we love the ambiance of burning candles and melting wax and how it makes our home fragrant.

In fact ~ According to, homeowner’s insurance companies are now investigating whether to cover damage from soot produced by paraffin candles.

We learned most of the candles that are within our reach, are made of paraffin and paraffin blends, many still have lead wicks and are mass produced in China with unsafe materials, yet companies here in the USA will repackage the products in many popular labels. 

It became our mission to find candles we could feel good about. We believe in buying and selling quality products, products that are Eco-friendly, socially responsible, reasonably priced, with excellent value and exceptional customer service.

Product imageOur search for a good alternative lead us to a fabulous family owned business that produced exceptional all natural soy candles and wax melts and privately labeled our products and sold My Fragrant Home on our website and a few spas and retail shops here in Treasure Valley.   We were approached and asked if we would consider taking on consultants for our candle company by someone who was buying and enjoying our products at a local retail shop.  That is where our story changed!

As business owners for many years, we felt this was a natural change and fit for our soy candle company and our belief in providing the best home fragrance alternative. 

After much study and soul searching we made the decision to start pouring our own soy candles, soy wax tarts and wax melts.  We decided to re-launch as beFragrant, a brand new product line committed to 100% soy candles and soy wax tarts and soy melts using products made in the USA.   Even more exciting; we made the commitment to a marketing plan of independent consultant home parties.  We are building beFragrant sales with a huge commitment to our independent consultants.  We know happy consultants can place this great product line directly in front of those who enjoy them the most!  

We believe in selling healthy, fragrant body safe candles with exceptional value.  We’ve carefully selected an exciting collection of upbeat natural fragrance’s from the industry’s finest fragrance oils to create an array of robust, realistic home fragrance’s. Our all natural {no dyes} buttery white candles not only blend perfectly with your entire home decor, they emit the purest, most realistic fragrances and create an amazing ambiance.  All our fragrances are tested and retested to insure that they provide you the very best home fragrance product available.

Our waxes are hand poured without the use of paraffin, dyes and additives and are hand poured for you when you order, making them exceptionally fresh! Our candles are manufactured with pure natural soy wax and 100% concentrated fragrance oils made in the USA.  While we understand that fragrance may not always be acceptable by burning a candle we offer other methods of fragrance delivery, such as fragrance sprays, wickless candles and soy tarts and melts.

What inspires you? Success and making a difference!  Being passionate about what I believe in, while creating an amazing product and an opportunity for others to reach their goals by sharing healthy home fragrance to more lives and homes.

Do you have a favorite quote? I have TWO!
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confusius

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. – Zig Ziglar

What are the most pressing issues facing women today? Juggling job and family with security!

What are the biggest keys to your success? Finding a need and creating an amazing product that has value and desire, believing in you, willingness to work endlessly and exceptional customer service.

What are the biggest keys to the advancement or success of women? Self Confidence for sure! The Dale Carnegie course will define and teach everyone how to be successful at any level.

Where did the inspiration for your business come from? Dissatisfied with home fragrance we were using in our home.  In searching for a better product, as business people, we decided to give others the same opportunity for a better home fragrance option as well.

Where is your product sold? Independent Consultants for beFragrant and their websites

What advice do you have for a woman who is considering starting a business? Be prepared by researching your competition and is there a need for what you want to do? Have a business plan, have a support system that you can depend on, and be prepared to spend copious hours working your business.

What are the biggest hurdles you’ve faced in starting or growing your business? How did you overcome these?
Growing a business without investors.  Our buying power would be significantly increased if we were able to buy in bigger quantities thus reducing our overall cost to produce. As our volume increases that will change and that hurdle will be nonexistent. 


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