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Real Life Rosies

Rosie the Riveter was an iconic figure who used her strength to keep the USA running during World War II. She has come to stand for the women's movement. She embodies the strength of female character.

At rosieMADE a "rosie" is strong, smart, proud, kind, beautiful, tenacious, gutsy, powerful, funny, generous, adventurous, loving, optimistic, and SO MUCH MORE. She is in ALL of us! She is the BEST of all of us!

Who doesn't want to hear about other rosies who are making a difference in their communities, workplaces, and homes? Check out these inspiring rosies!

  • Bahia de Montarlot

    Bahia de Montarlot took her extensive experience in furniture design and home furnishings, her knowledge of the production process, and created a brand of USA made cocktail tables. Read full interview »

  • Mary D’Anna

    Mary D'Anna used her background in product development and knowledge of the overseas production process to choose a path towards supporting USA made for planning her wedding, and now helps others do the same. Read full interview »

  • Mary Beth Trama

    Mary Beth Trama is a full-time IT professional and the creator of MadeInUSA.LA, a website that promotes products that are Made in the USA. Read full interview »

  • Ashley Phelps

    Ashley Phelps is an artist, designer, and creator. She is the Founder and Paint Peddler for Glob, which makes safe and natural eco-art products for crafters and kids. Read full interview »

  • Jacqueline Smith

    Jacqueline Smith is an Iowa and SF Bay Area girl. She is helping educate people about sugar addiction and health through her website, Read full interview »

  • Alison Lucien

    Alison Lucien is the owner of a small business called Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories for Ladies. Alison got her experience in the NYC fashion industry at companies like Saks Fifth Avenue, Norma Kamali and Steve Madden. She grew up in Ohio and graduated from Kent State University. What inspires you? I’m inspired by the women in my family – from my grandmothers all the way to my mo... Read full interview »

  • Abingdon Chelsea Welch

    Abingdon is 30 years old and CEO of The Abingdon Co., a company that specializes in high-end aviation watches and paper airplane jewelry for female adventurers. She also serves as the driving force behind The Abingdon Crew, a group of high-flying and talented female pilots. Read full interview »

  • Ann marie Houghtailing

    Ann marie Houghtailing is the founder of the Millionaire Girls' Movement, and has been running her own sales and business consulting firm since 2009. Read full interview »

  • Beth Meah

    Beth Meah is the Founder and CEO of Miorae Naturals, a holistic health expert and entrepreneur, and holds a Masters of Public Health and a B.S. in Human Development. Read full interview »

  • LeeAnn Maxwell and Carrie King

    LeeAnn Maxwell and Carrie King, are the partners, owners and founders of Vixen Vodka. Each of them took the leap from corporate America (Carrie in the cable television world, LeeAnn in finance), where they were both very comfortable. Now, they are in the very disruptive and male-dominated world of spirits! Read full interview »

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