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Perfect Cami Giveaway (9/14-9/29)

Updated 10/2/12

The winners for the Perfect Cami Giveaway are Tania Rhein and Mellisa Maxwell!

Check back soon for more chances to win the giveaways!


We’ve been working with Ann Victor at Perfect Cami  to offer a free giveaway to our followers! Not only is Perfect Cami a great product—it’s MADE in the USA!

Leave a comment on this blog post, or like the free giveaway post on Facebook to be entered in our drawing for a free cami! Promotion runs from today through 9/29/12!

How Perfect Cami works:


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Here’s some more information on Perfect Cami!

Do you have clothes in your closet you don’t wear because the neckline is too low and you can’t find the right camisole to go with it?  Do you want to buy a low cut top or dress, but don’t want the bulk of layering?  Well, Perfect Cami can solve those problems.  This mini camisole covers a plunging neckline in an elegant and stylish manner.  In fact, they often make a fashion statement on their own.

Designed with a soft hook and loop application, similar to Velcro, it attaches easily around your bra strap.  Gone are the days of fighting to keep extra straps up or having to tuck in the bottom of a camisole. Especially in warm weather they are the ideal solution when extra bulk is so annoying.

They are perfect for the woman on the go, and can easily accessorize casual, office or evening attire. The make packing for a trip a beeze as you can grab a few from the drawer and have a wide-array of choices without taking up much space.  In fact, keep one in your purse and you can go from day to evening in a flash.

The Perfect Cami is fashionable and functional with its versatility extending to women who have had breast cancer surgery.  They discretely cover scars, help keep breast forms in place and conceal their existence when bending over.  Nursing moms also find their ease of use when breast feeding because they can cover their cleavage, yet easily detach and re-attach them as needed.

Offering a variety of styles and colors, the Perfect Cami ranges in size from small to XXL. Each Perfect Cami is handcrafted in the USA.

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  1. kristi schmidt - September 20, 2012, 9:56 pm Reply

    I love this cami. Super fashionable and looks really comfortable!

  2. Anna Strauch - September 21, 2012, 2:25 am Reply

    I like it. =)

  3. Mellisa Maxwell - September 21, 2012, 3:54 am Reply

    Wow. Where did you discover this? I totally need this. I needed it like yesterday after loosing so much weight I’m always having a plunging problem, then I have like four straps to keep up on my shoulder and I hate being in a meeting at work and underneath my jacket I can feel a strap that’s fallen off my shoulder and just irritating my arm. You can’t really go digging in your layers of clothing in the middle of advising a client. I have issues apparently but I’m totally gonna order this. Oh I need to send this to my nursing mom friends!

  4. rosieMade - September 22, 2012, 6:21 pm Reply

    Thanks for commenting! There are tons of styles to choose from, too. The owner responded to a post I made on linked in, and has been a tremendous resource and all around great person. She is definitely a rosie!

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