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My Dream for Ella

I have a 10-month-old named Ella. Although she’s only been in our lives for a short time, it’s hard for me to remember life before her. Does anyone else feel that way?


Michael and I were really excited when we found out we were expecting!

Although I would have been happy with a boy, I thought a girl might be easier for me to parent in some ways. Plus, having a girl would help complement the number of the boys in the family. A boy would have also created a challenge—Michael and I agreed easily on a girl name, but had differing opinions on a name for a boy. I’m pretty stubborn, so we might still be searching for a name for our 10-month-old if we had a boy:)

Before Ella was born, I started picturing her personality, her physical characteristics, and even things like what her laugh might sound like. It turns out her laugh is even more adorable than I had imagined. Most of all, I hoped she would be healthy.

I also started dreaming of her life and future. As it turns out, I’m still dreaming and probably always will.

I dream:

  • she has role models from every possible career or life path.
  • there are multiple female presidents of the USA she can look up to.
  • there are so many female CEOs that she’ll get to pick which one fits her ideals most closely.
  • she earns the same as her male counterpart (or more–I know how smart and capable she will be).
  • she will sit in a management meeting for her company surrounded by women (and men).
  • she will pursue any career or field she wants.
  • she will be encouraged and appreciated for her leadership style.
  • she will find a partner for her like her father is for me.  They will adore each other, want the best for each other, and truly support one another.

In my dream, if she wants to run for politics–she’ll have female mentors at every level to offer her help. If she wants to change the face of medicine–she will. If she wants to win a gold medal—she will. If she wants to start a business–she will. If she wants to have a family–she will. Win a Nobel Prize? She will!

I dream she will take a path that leads her to the life she wants for herself—I am hopeful she will imagine great things and achieve great things—whatever that means for her. She will have endless opportunities!

These dreams are similar to the dreams my mother had for me, and her mother had for her.  My mother was (and still is) a great role model for me—I hope I can be one for Ella.

With each generation, women get more opportunities and freedoms. With each generation, minorities get more equality, too.

Today, I am hopeful. I am hopeful Ella will have more! She will have more: role models, mentors, opportunities, dreams, and happiness. She will never feel the gender bias her mother felt, or her mother’s mother felt. She will be equal.

What dreams do you have for your children?


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  1. kristi schmidt - September 20, 2012, 10:07 pm Reply

    The love and encouragement given to a child is priceless. Ella is blessed to have you as her mommy. And, to be here in the USA gives such opportunities now for women than it ever has. God bless the USA!

    • rosieMade - September 22, 2012, 6:16 pm Reply

      Thanks for commenting! It’s easy to forget how lucky Ella is for being born here-so many freedoms she would not have if she were born elsewhere. It’s something I try to consider each day as we (well I) say our bedtime prayers.

  2. Anna Strauch - September 21, 2012, 2:23 am Reply

    What a beautiful post. I have no doubt that Ella’s generation will break through that glass ceiling and when they do… watch out… it will be amazing!

    • rosieMade - September 22, 2012, 6:18 pm Reply

      Anna, Thanks for commenting! I really hope so! Our generation still has time–we just have to work at it! 🙂 We have to realize there is still a problem, educate, and make change. Right?

  3. Mellmax - September 21, 2012, 4:12 am Reply

    Your math problems are too hard for me this late at night. 🙂 I just want to comment on how very well said that is. As you know this stuff is always on my mind and more so lately. I have been blessed with a boy and fortunately by having such great role models in his life as he has been blessed with, I know he will be okay. What has been baffling me lately are my young cousins or other women I know that don’t seem to care about this stuff. I’m constantly trying to make sense of it. Is it because it’s just not important to them because they lack the life experience to know better. I suppose equal pay doesn’t matter much if you and envy one you know are all making min. wage at a fast food joint. Is it that they don’t know better? The lack of good female role models in politics is acceptable because that’s just how it’s been? I guess if you don’t know how it should work, you don’t know whether it’s broken… I should probably take up my own blog space pondering why women’s rights aren’t important to some women instead of venting here. But I’d love to hear what’s important to other Rosiemade ladies and it’s of course refreshing to know I’m not the only one that wish for great things for our children.

    • rosieMade - September 22, 2012, 6:13 pm Reply

      Sorry the math is too hard:) We’ve joked about the fact that I almost need a calculator on some of them. Or, I start using my fingers to count:).

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your feelings are similar to the reasons I felt I had to start rosieMADE. There’s so much negative in the world–I thought creating a website solely devoted to positive would be a much needed reprieve from everything else. Please keep following and sharing your opinion!

  4. Gabrielle - September 29, 2012, 11:30 pm Reply

    Great post!

  5. Miss Representation - October 19, 2012, 8:06 pm Reply

    […] director, and producer, Jennifer Siebel Newsom. It made me think back to my recent blog post of my dream for Ella. Jennifer’s inspiration for this film came from having a baby girl enter her life–and all […]

  6. Julie Hart - April 3, 2013, 1:46 pm Reply

    Alicia – love this so much. Took the words right out of my mouth, and I didn’t even have to change the name! You are doing a great thing here! A great thing.

  7. Alicia Vanderschuere - April 3, 2013, 1:54 pm Reply

    Julie-Thanks for your comment! It truly helps to have support and response from you, and others. It helps me know that what we are doing at rosieMADE is important and that we’ll be able to make a difference.

  8. 'Lean in' to this world of (in) equality | rosieMADE - May 24, 2013, 4:18 pm Reply

    […] on women in leadership? See these blog posts: Pledge to Lift Up Women, Inspired to Vote, or My Dream for Ella which is this mother’s hope for her […]

  9. Dian Duyck - October 31, 2013, 4:41 pm Reply

    You are a remarkable woman and have worked so hard for women and business. You are a wonderful mother and wife. The last two years have gone by so fast looking at the pictures of Ella. Keep up the good work! Love you….

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