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Enter to win this prize pack from MIXT Studio, valued at $45.00

Enter to win this prize pack from MIXT Studio, valued at $45.00

Whenever we find a great company that we have to share with you, we get really excited! It’s even better when a great company offers up a giveaway to our audience! Our newest giveaway is provided by MIXT Studio, which was founded in 2012 by Marcie Carson who was looking to create beautifully designed products that were functional as well as meaningful. Based in beautiful Hermosa Beach, California, MIXT Studio draws inspiration from its charming, sun-filled location every day. Another thing to love about MIXT Studio is the creative spirit and love for the environment that infuses everything it produces. Whether it’s Marcie’s passion to discover new things or the eco-friendly method of production, the resulting aesthetic is a mash-up of textures, colors, and patterns. As a result, MIXT Studio coined the term “eco-eclectic” to describe the brand’s modern vibe.

All MIXT collections are carefully designed and handcrafted in America with a knowing eye for detail and a love for the fine points that tell stories. MIXT Studio believes gift giving should be thoughtful, stylish and playful. We definitely agree, and for that reason we know you will love this company, too!

In addition to an impeccable style and attention to detail, MIXT Studio has a deep commitment to a clear conscience and good karma. All of the paper products are produced in the U.S. on recycled and/or FSC-certified papers from well-managed and sustainable forests. MIXT also uses surplus materials and frequently prints its products together with other pieces to eliminate excess. All of these methods limit the amount of natural resources consumed and the waste created.


BothTagsFor this giveaway, one winner will receive a set of 5 assorted reusable wine bags, specially designed and crafted by hand to be shared among friends. Each bag comes with a write-on tag, with space for five giving opportunities. This prize pack is worth $45.00

The bags are printed on Tyvek® which is a substrate with exceptional strength and distinctive texture. This fabric-like paper is resistant to water and unable to tear, making it a perfect material to be used again and again. Tyvek® can be recycled and we encourage people to do so after the bag has, ahem, worn out its welcome.



This giveaway begins July 22,2014 and ends August 4, 2014 at 11:59p.m.

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