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Loving our work!

Loving our work!

I’ve met some of the most amazing women since I’ve started working on rosieMADE! I knew women were fabulous before, but I’m becoming connected to so many women who are doing inspiring things!

Today, I arrived at work to find a beautiful box from a great company!

Finley Shirt 1





I was SO excited to open it! I was even more excited when I opened it up and found this!

Finley Shirts 2





Even better, the gorgeous blouse that was inside!
Finley Shirts 3





Although I haven’t officially “met” Heather McNeill yet, I can tell she is a real life rosie. She and friend Finley Moll started Finley Shirts in 1995. A third partner, Marty Washington, joined in 2006. All product is tailored in Dallas, TX. Visit the website here.

Finley Shirt 4




Even better, they’ve offered up a giveaway to introduce you, to their company! We’ll be announcing details shortly–we can’t wait to share!

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  1. Kristi Schmidt - January 9, 2013, 2:49 pm Reply

    Beautiful blouse and such a thoughtful gift! It will look great on you, Alicia!

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