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Isabelle Benoit Real Life Rosie

photo copy 5In 2011, French native Isabelle Benoit founded the company, Bullet Blues Custom Apparel, LLC. Blue jeans–what could be more American? Beginning with a line of jeans, Isabelle made it a guiding principle that every item of Bullet Blues’ apparel was to be made by skilled American craftsmen, using materials made in the USA.

You might ask, “Why would a French woman care so much about making a line of apparel in America? Especially blue jeans–quintessential American fashion?” The reason that she feels so strongly about producing a fashion line domestically is a fascinating and inspirational story. As is the origin of the Bullet Blues name.

A year before the formation of the company, Isabelle and her son visited the American Cemetery and Memorial in Normandy. Located in Colleville-sur-Mer, it honors the American soldiers who were killed in Europe during World War II.

Code-named Operation Neptune, the Normandy landings were fatal and bloody missions for the brave soldiers that fought there. Isabelle was moved by the stories of these young men–and also felt a personal connection to them. Both of her grandfathers were taken prisoner in Germany and the rest of the families had to survive on their own.

Close to 10,000 courageous men were laid to rest there, but one grave in particular touched the hearts of Isabelle and her son Guillaume–the grave of an unknown soldier. The cross reads: “Here rests in honored glory a comrade in arms known but to God”. A young man who made the ultimate sacrifice, yet someone whose name the world would never know. Filled with respect and gratitude, they knelt beside the grave and prayed.

After her return to the United States, she wanted to honor the men who perished in those battles, as well as to express the pride she felt about being an American. She decided that the best way was to create American-made clothing, using American-made resources. And Bullet Blues was born.

The name “Bullet Blues” was coined to honor the soldiers, their bravery and their bullets. Their patriotism should never be forgotten, and it’s Isabelle hope that Bullet Blues will be a lasting reminder of their valor. The company’s name is a symbol of all the admirable American men that sacrificed their lives so that France—and Europe—would remain free.

Bullet Blues is part of the increasingly powerful movement to keep American jobs here. Like many business owners, Isabelle is committed to producing in the USA, keeping America working, and helping to make our economy strong.

The success of Bullet Blues jeans has led to the company’s expansion–more denim styles, and a chic collection for women. All of the new apparel has received rave reviews, adding to Bullet Blues’ popularity. More styles are in the works–the fashion brand may have started small, but is seeing stellar growth.

One reason that the company succeeds is Isabelle’s commitment to making the apparel in America, using American-made materials. She also brings a European flair to everything she designs–and the standards she has for her line are extremely high. All of this adds up to premium apparel that also supports our country’s economy.


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