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How To for Small Business: Implement a Private Label Program

How To for Small Business: Implement a Private Label Program

Major retailers have been using private label to their advantage for years. A private label product is one that is manufactured or provided by a supplier and labeled with another name or brand. For a retailer, it gives them the opportunity to have product created according to their specifications, create differentiation from its competitors, and reduce costs, among other things.

There is no reason small companies can’t take advantage of this practice, too, even if they aren’t in the retail industry.

There are many advantages to private label. Private labeling can make it easier to expand a product line quickly and cost effectively. You’ll be able to leverage the manufacturer’s experience and expertise. You’ll be able to expand your offerings without spending for new tools or supplies. You can create a consistent brand look by converting branded product lines into private label products.

Here are a few questions to ask a potential private label supplier:

  • How long are the lead times?
  • What are the set-up fees for the first batch or production run? Are there additional charges for future production runs?
  • How much customization is available?
  • What are the minimums per product that are required?
  • Is design help available? If so, what are the associated fees?
  • Are discounts available for larger quantities?


Besides finding a company that meets your criteria and needs, you’ll also want to look for a manufacturing partner that is credible, to make sure they’ll deliver the agreed-upon specifications and quality-level by the agreed-upon timelines. Make sure you have a vendor agreement in place in order to reduce your liability. As with everything, know your target audience, and develop your private label program with this in mind.

The best way to approach private label is to start small and expand it based on sales results and profitability.   It can be a great way to grow your sales and differentiate your business from the competition, all while increasing your profits.

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  1. Stephanie - August 5, 2013, 11:28 am Reply

    We did a lot of private labeling in my former company. I see it as a win-win for both parties!

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