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Great USA made finds for Ella’s Big Girl Room

Great USA made finds for Ella’s Big Girl Room

We transitioned Ella into her “big girl room” recently, and I found some great Made in the USA products I have to share!


First off, her toddler bed came from Little Colorado. Not only is it cute and affordable, it’s well-built and easy to assemble.

The sheets come from Sheetworld, which is where I plan to get Mia’s sheets, too.  They have a whole line of sheetsin varying sizes.

Since our sturdy, Amish-built rocking chair will be staying in Mia’s room, we got a bean bag chair (and the beans) from Elite Products (a division of American Furniture Alliance). So far she loves it, and hasn’t even asked to be rocked (whew!).


For the growing number of toys she continues to receive (including an excessive amount of stuffed animals), we purchased the Sauder POGO bookcase to try to help keep things organized. This piece took a bit more work (for Michael) to put together, but it’s sturdy and should last. For the price, we are really happy with it. I’m pretty sure toy organization will be a futile attempt, but it’s worth the try, right?




I wanted to give Ella a bit of workspace for games, puzzles, and art, so we got the tot-sized multi-use table from Wood Designs. It’s low to the ground, so we’ve decided to go without chairs. Plus, Ella doesn’t like to sit any more than she absolutely has to.




Most of the decorations in Ella’s room were hand-crafted for her nursery, and she also has some great, artist-made items like her Owl Piggy Bank from Flynn Day Pottery, and her Guardian Angel by Jan Barboglio.

ShelfShelf Owl Shelf frame


Decor & Table

Sign Angel











While buying USA made isn’t always quick and easy, I’m extremely happy with the quality and the style I was able to find! Hopefully, this post helped you find at least one new product or company that you can use.

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