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Gift Wrapping that Ideas that Leave an Impression

Shopping for the perfect gift can be really fun, but the fun shouldn’t stop there.  Gift wrapping can be a great way to show your creative side and personalize the gift giving process without being expensive. It can also be a great way to reinforce your personal or business brand.

Below are a few ways to make the gift giving process extra special!

His & Her Wrapping

His and Her wrapping 1

Tips: Using craft paper or construction paper cut out a mustache or perhaps a bowtie for “his” present.  For “her” present, red lips or winking eyes add playfulness to the gift giving process!

His and her wrapping is perfect for occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

Black Lace Wrapping

Lace wrapping 1

Tips: Use lace to give the present a vintage look or to add elegance, especially when used with plain paper.

This is the perfect look for those gifts for hard to please teens and young adults.

Brand Wrapping

Branding wrapping 1

Tips:  Select paper that goes with the desired branding. Or, have paper printed with a logo or to match a color scheme.

This is perfect for client gifts or donations, and helps establish or reinforce a brand without being over the top.

Upcycled Wrapping

Fabric wrapping 1

Tips: Using scraps of fabric or using paper grocery bags are great ways to save money while creating a uniquely wrapped gift. Make sure to use a glue stick or hot glue gun, since regular tape might not be strong enough. Add ribbons or twine to give a natural or rustic look.

This is perfect for gifts for those focused on recycling and sustainability. For the gift giver, it is also a great way to cut costs.

Children’s Art Wrapping

Child wrapping 1

Tips: Using children’s artwork as wrapping paper is a good way to involve them while encouraging creativity! It’s also a great way to put abundant artwork to use!

This is perfect for anyone, since designs can be catered to specific recipients and occasions. This one-of-a-kind package creates a truly unique gift.

Photograph Wrapping

Photo wrapping 1

Tips: Use special family photos to personalize a gift and make it unforgettable. Use a photo as the name tag, or attach a photocopy image to the wrap.

This is a perfect way to add another element of excitement to family gatherings, including Christmas


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  1. Roy Bays - September 26, 2013, 4:36 am Reply

    Wonderful gift wrapping ideas. What I like the most is the Photograph Wrapping. Aside from the photo that is indicate outside the wrap, it has also a very formal design. These are all really fun gift wraps. Thanks!

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