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Get Inspired: Gift Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Special

Get Inspired: Gift Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Special

Macaroni necklaces; a seedling in a hand painted ceramic pot; a coupon book good for a few chores, a carwash, and a back massage; these are the things Mother’s Day is made of. Even if we aren’t kids anymore—living in an age when Kindles and iPods are the gifts to give—our mothers secretly long to receive a gift with the sentimental value of our childhood offerings.

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This Mother’s Day, give your mom a gift that is inspired by fond memories or a gift that will inspire the making of new memories. Consider these ideas for a memorable Mother’s Day:

  • If your mother let you help in the kitchen when you were small, or if she used to bake with her mother, give her heirloom quality, stainless steel measuring cups and spoons from Crosby & Taylor or a pie plate from Clay in Motion and spend a day baking together.
  • Busy moms can easily forget to allot time for relaxation and pampering. Give your overworked mother a calendar with some “me time” scheduled into each week. This could be a foreign concept, and she might not know what to do with this time so, give her bath bombs from Beau Bain, pampering products from Mathair Earth, or soothing lavender botanicals from Pelindaba Lavender.
  • For mothers and daughters, tea parties can be some of the sweetest times for bonding. Give Mom a handmade ceramic mug from Clay in Motion and organic tea from Octavia Tea, and make some time for a tea party with Mom. After all, she may have been quite busy back then, but she always made time for “sipping” with you and your stuffed friends.
  • In the tradition of the macaroni necklace, give her handmade glass jewelry from LB Originals. She really will want to wear these original pieces, and every time she receives a compliment on her accessories, she’ll think of the loving child who gave it to her.
  • What is your mother’s favorite indulgence? Is it a sweet treat or comfort food? Maybe there’s a special dish her mother used to make that she has loved since childhood. Learn the recipe and make your mom a special Mother’s Day dinner or dessert, or prepare her a dish she taught you to make long ago.

This Mother’s Day, resist the urge to buy your mom the latest gadget or the standard bouquet of flowers. Make May 12th special with an original gift that shows Mom your appreciation, and whatever you give, give it with love.

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