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Christmas in October

Today we received our first shipment from one of our vendors! It felt like Christmas morning for a child—I mentioned before that I’m a product junkie. I truly love product, and was SO excited to see the quality, weight, and workmanship. I had ordered from a catalog—which is really foreign for me—so everything was bought site-unseen.

Here are some images of the items we received!









We’ve been working each day towards getting the business ready to launch. Of course, no good e-commerce site can launch without product. Now that product is arriving, we’re one step closer to a few things 1) sharing great product with our customers 2) helping women-friendly businesses increase revenues 3) Investing a portion of proceeds to providing funds to help women businesses.

We’re so excited to share our journey with you! We hope you’ll be part of our excitement once we launch!

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