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Pledge to lift up women

Pledge to lift up women

At Saturday’s Women’s Expo, we rolled out the pledge to lift up women campaign. These pledges will be added to the rosieMADE banner, and travel to future events. For those wondering why this pledge is relevant, statistically speaking, women have made substantial progress in the last century in obtaining rights and taking on leadership positions and authority. The truth of the matter is... »

Go Girl Finance Article: Investing in Women

For the link to the original article click here. Investing in Women by ERIKA TORRES on NOVEMBER 7, 2012 We love this infographic about investing in women that has been making its way around the web through start-up sistahs and investing mavens, and finally to us GoGirls. Originally created by Pemo Theodore of EZebis, we were lucky enough to come across the infographic via Gotham Gal’s ec... »

Idaho Gives May 2, 2013

Idaho Gives May 2, 2013

Today, Idaho is coming together for community and cause! Targeted at nonprofits in communities across the state, a share of every dollar raised by Idaho nonprofits will be matched with funds from the Idaho Gives award pool. In addition, the top five organizations with the most unique donors (nonprofits are divided by size) will receive bonus grants of $3,000, $1,000, $500, $250, and $250 respectiv... »

Go Girl Finance Article – Show Your Brand: How To Grow Your Brand Online

Link here for the original article. Show Your Brand: How to Grow Your Brand Online by STEPHANIE CHRISTENSEN on MARCH 25, 2013 Branding is all about creating a sense of consistency, in your face to face interactions with clients, and in the image you portray on your website, and in your social networks. Here are five ways to integrate your brand online. Keep your brand personality top of mind. ... »

Sarah Simmons Real Life Rosie

In my professional life, I am a transactional attorney practicing ERISA law.  In general terms, I advise employers on how to comply with the complex rules that govern employee benefit plans.  The law strives to address various conflicting policy concerns and as a result is both complicated and fascinating.  I’ve only been here since June 2012.  Previously, I spent nearly two years as a ... »

Victoria Savage Real Life Rosie

Victoria Savage Real Life Rosie

My name is Victoria Savage. I’m the owner and founder of Care for Living, LLC., a Geriatric Care Management Company.  At Care for Living we do everything possible to keep seniors in their own home, while improving their health when possible, increasing their safety, and  enhancing their quality of life. As an RN of 21 years I saw all too often people being admitted to facilities for very prev... »

Simple Ways to Green Your Business… And Save Some Green

Simple Ways to Green Your Business … And Save Some Green By:Alicia Vanderschuere Making efforts to “green” your business not only helps preserve this planet we share, but also shows your customers that your company is committed to doing its part to act responsibly. Additionally, these conservational tips will likely save you some green. Go paperless. This is easier than ever (thanks, te... »

Shaping Tomorrow’s Women Through Mentoring

Shaping Tomorrow’s Women Through Mentoring By: Alicia Vanderschuere Why Mentoring Matters Successful women know how important the support and encouragement of a mentor—during childhood or early in a career—can be. In fact, almost 70% of women in U.S. Congress and more than half of women business owners were involved in Girl Scouts where mentors helped them learn leadership skills and bui... »

Go Lead Idaho Spring Conference

This past Saturday, I spent my day with over a hundred amazing women. The content for the day was inspiring, focusing on how to find our voice, and then what to do with that voice. We discussed how to get involved in elected office, how to understand and implement policy in businesses, as well as how to get involved with non-profits and boards that we are passionate about. Tabby Biddle helped us f... »

Britt Ide Real Life Rosie

Britt Ide is the Founder and President of Ide Law & Strategy, PLLC.  She uses her unique blend of communication, quick learning, and interpersonal skills to bring organizations and stakeholders together to create sustainable solutions:  solutions that move businesses forward and protect interests. She is a lawyer, an engineer, a student of economics, a policy enthusiast and advocate of publi... »

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