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A few of my favorite things…. this week

A few of my favorite things…. this week

Since we made the decision to become a “Made in the USA” household a few years ago, we’ve been able to keep the majority of our purchases to domestically made goods. While it isn’t always easy, my goal is to be better about using the blog to share this information—with the hopes that it will help someone find something he or she is looking for. For apparel, I’ve found some great websit... »

Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey

I’ve wanted to watch Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey since it came out two years ago. This morning, in need of some inspiration, I carved out a few hours from work to watch it. While I was hoping for something that would inspire me, unfortunately, I walked away from the movie with no clear resolution. Like Detropia, it paints a grim picture of the American Dream. A picture of the divide betw... »

Is it really Made in the USA?

Is it really Made in the USA?

  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been finishing up details for Mia’s nursery. Since very few local retailers carry Made in the USA, I’ve been shopping mostly online, at sites like Amazon and Etsy, and by completing searches for USA made online.   I’ve had multiple items show up to my doorstep that I expected were USA made, only to open them up and find a “Made in China” tag. ... »

Choose consignment as an alternative

Choose consignment as an alternative

Since we’ve made the commitment to support (buy and promote) USA Made products whenever we can, we’ve had to become a bit more creative when it comes to our shopping habits.  For our daughter, almost all of her clothes have either been gifted to us, were consignment purchases, or have the “made in the USA” label on them. For anyone new to this site, there are many reasons why we are buyin... »

Now I want a Tesla!

I’m not usually much of a car person. My husband is always researching and talking about them. I went to the Cleveland Auto Show for years, without anything really catching my eye. I’ve owned Ford and GM stock in the past, but only because the financials made sense. Cars are just not that interesting to me. They get me from place to place and are an expense. End of story. Until now. Af... »

Million Jobs Project

I’m starting to realize what a small world (or small America) it can be. A business colleague from my “old life” connected me with someone who buys USA made, then shares his finds with his email distribution list (including me). He sent me this great video entitled Million Jobs Project, which does a wonderful job of explaining the impact that consumer spending can make to create ... »

American Made Baby with Frank Crumley

I’m really excited to share my interview with Frank Crumley, the host of the Internet Radio Show American Made Baby! I’ve listened to quite a few shows, including the one where he featured Ana Bugosky from Mrs. American Made. This Real Life Rosie was the one who connected me with Frank, so that I could share the rosieMADE and USA made message. It was great to discuss the importance o... »

Our Grand Opening is finally here!

I must say, I am excited, anxious, and a bit exhausted all rolled into one. The last month and half has been crazy busy—a trip to Ohio, a family camping trip, a trip to Portland for my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday party (and her anniversary), and a trip to celebrate my mother’s birthday and to pick up a new puppy. Then, add in a move from our warehouse to our store front, gathering props &a... »

Crumbling American Dreams

Timing is a funny thing—I just read this piece entitled Crumbling American Dreams via the NY Times blog by Robert D. Putnam, since my family spent the last week in Ohio, visiting the friends that we made while living there for almost six years. The featured town (Port Clinton) is like many other towns in Ohio and throughout our country. This is a story about opportunity, and then lack of opportu... »

Wal-Mart’s $50B Initiative of Made in the USA

Wal-Mart’s $50B Initiative of Made in the USA

Have you heard that Wal-Mart has an initiative to increase its sourcing of USA made goods by $50B over the next 10 years? If fully implemented, this could create 100,000 jobs. The idea that Wal-mart is changing its direction is great! I spoke with a colleague recently that another major retailer is looking to add a “Made in the USA” shop, now that it’s becoming a “trend”. All of this is... »

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