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Beautiful Portland, Oregon!

For anyone who has been to Portland, Oregon, you know how beautiful it is on a sunny day. Today I had sunshine, which only added to my excitement as I visited two possible vendors!

One is a small company owned by a married couple—it originally started out in an apartment, and after 19 years has grown to multiple locations for production of bar and liquid soaps. Their product is sold throughout the country by health food stores, museums, boutiques, and more! The thing I love the most about this company is that they use PHC Northwest for fulfillment, which is a non-profit that has been providing educational, training, and job opportunities (with full union benefits) for thousands of people with developmental, physical, and mental disabilities for nearly 60 years. In addition, this soap company has planted over 18,000 trees as a way to help fight climate change and support sustainable business practices. In fact, the owners are so committed to this cause that they plant one tree for every ten bars of soap sold! Talk about a feel good when buying a product—plus with something like soap, you can think about the positive impact every time you lather up!

The second vendor I met with is women-owned with a simple purpose: providing a little rejuvenation, relaxation, and reflection time for those who “just want a little time for me.” Being a busy mom who has a young child, I can totally relate to this! I can’t tell you the last time I took a long, relaxing bath. Before having my daughter, taking long baths was a common indulgence, but I can’t seem to carve out the time these days for this type of treat! Now I have a great excuse—I have to try this product so I know how our shoppers will like it! I’m confident it will be a hit, since everyone I have spoken with about this product LOVES it! Not only is it SUPER cute, it provides that touch of whimsy that is missing from most busy women’s days. It’ll be a wonderful gift item for any special occasion, or just because!

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  1. Rosie - October 7, 2013, 12:23 pm Reply

    Wow, these pictures are giving me chills! So pretty! I’ve heard about Portland, but your pictures make me want to move there! I like the information about people who have gone into business making things. I’ve thought about it, but so far, I haven’t . People also say I should sell my “crafts.” I hope I can get to see Portland some day!

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