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Beat the Summer Heat!

Beat the Summer Heat!

Arrow Popcicles Ella 7-14-14

Since we buy mostly organic, and wanted Ella to have good quality freezer pops, we decided to look for some molds instead of buying the expensive freezer pops at our local grocery store. This way, we could also control ingredients and try out as many flavors as we can imagine.

Arrow Popcicles 7-14-14

After a little research, we bought these freezer pop molds from Arrow via Amazon.

We made our first batch of freezer pops over the weekend, using some leftover smoothie. They were a big hit with our daughter (and us)! The pops came out of the molds easily.

This purchase was a great way to support USA made, save money (in comparison to buying store bought), and enjoy a great treat. Now, I’m excited to try out some of the yummy looking recipes I’ve found on pinterest for dairy free fudge pops and more exotic fruit pops.





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