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Perfect Cami Giveaway (9/14-9/29)

Updated 10/2/12 The winners for the Perfect Cami Giveaway are Tania Rhein and Mellisa Maxwell! Check back soon for more chances to win the giveaways! ____________ We’ve been working with Ann Victor at Perfect Cami  to offer a free giveaway to our followers! Not only is Perfect Cami a great product—it’s MADE in the USA! Leave a comment on this blog post, or like the free giveaway post on Fac... »

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

  Here at rosieMADE, we think that supporting USA made product is important—so important that we’ve made a whole business around it! We stumbled on this article by Tom Stein and Tim Devaney for, and knew we had to share it with you! Have you ever tried to shop for USA made product at a major retailer? If so, you know how difficult it is to find. Plus, who has the time to r... »

Spending = votes

As this election year is already creating so much controversy, so much division, and also so many sides to every subject and issue, it makes me think about the voting process! The right to vote is something we shouldn’t take lightly. But, if you’re like me, with politics it is difficult to know who the best candidate is, or which side of the issue is really best for yourself or society. Outsid... »

Living Organic at its Finest!

I just had the most amazing meeting with MaryJane Butters! She is such an inspiration, and her outlook on business and the world is so refreshing! She has been a pioneer her whole life, with becoming one of the first women wilderness rangers in the US, being involved in organizations for the causes she believes in, and being on the forefront of organic farming. She is friendly, engaging, and insig... »

Beautiful Portland, Oregon!

For anyone who has been to Portland, Oregon, you know how beautiful it is on a sunny day. Today I had sunshine, which only added to my excitement as I visited two possible vendors! One is a small company owned by a married couple—it originally started out in an apartment, and after 19 years has grown to multiple locations for production of bar and liquid soaps. Their product is sold throughout t... »

I’m a product junkie!

Today I spent the whole day researching great products and reaching out to potential vendors. It’s always SO exciting to learn about new products and see the passion that goes into making them! I’m a product junkie—I love finding new items and being able to bring these items to people who will enjoy them. Plus, I get to help women friendly businesses reach a new audience through rosieMADE. I... »

Festival Anyone?

Today I paid a visit to the Meridian Arts Fair, in order to meet with some potential vendors. I always love art fairs—it’s so exciting to see so many original works and to be immersed in the creativity of so many talented people. I found some really inspirational women who are building their brands one piece at a time. I hope to be able to partner with them to make their great products availa... »

Dreaming of Chocolate

Dreaming of Chocolate

  What could be better than spending your morning sampling delicious chocolate? I can’t imagine many things! Today I received a tour of the Dream Chocolate facility here in Boise, ID. It was so much fun to learn about the process, taste the high quality ingredients, and interact with the employees. What I loved the most about the chocolate I tried (and I tried A LOT), was all of the uni... »

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