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A few of my favorite things…. this week

A few of my favorite things…. this week

Since we made the decision to become a “Made in the USA” household a few years ago, we’ve been able to keep the majority of our purchases to domestically made goods. While it isn’t always easy, my goal is to be better about using the blog to share this information—with the hopes that it will help someone find something he or she is looking for. For apparel, I’ve found some great websites and a few local specialty stores. Besides those, I do most of my shopping at American Apparel (for basics), or at Nordstrom (or Nordstrom Rack since we don’t have a regular Nordstrom in Boise).  Shopping at the Rack the other day, I found some great boyfriend cut skinny jeans from Paige Denim, and a basic skinny jean. Both were made in the USA, but one pair was made with imported fabric. I also found two cute tops—both really affordable. One came from Harlowe & Graham, the other from Lush.

I hear all the time from friends and family that they just can’t find anything Made in the USA—I’m hoping to change that.

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