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Sherry Fernandez Real Life Rosie

My name is Sherry Fernandez. About the time I turned thirty, and had four of my eventual six kids, I finally realized that I was not going to grow up and look like Barbie after all!  If I wanted to have a large family and a hot body I was going have to do something and do it soon. That is when I began my own fitness journey.  I found the answers to being lean and fit and I want to share it, so n... »

Janice Mahoney Real Life Rosie

I am Janice Mahoney, the owner and designer behind Mama Mahoney Creations, a custom quilted tote and accessories company in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology.  For most of my young career, I was a preschool teacher and loved every second.  After getting married and having kids, I wanted to be able to st... »

Isabelle Benoit Real Life Rosie

In 2011, French native Isabelle Benoit founded the company, Bullet Blues Custom Apparel, LLC. Blue jeans–what could be more American? Beginning with a line of jeans, Isabelle made it a guiding principle that every item of Bullet Blues’ apparel was to be made by skilled American craftsmen, using materials made in the USA. You might ask, “Why would a French woman care so much about... »

Epik Creations Giveaway (4/15-4/29)

Epik Creations Giveaway (4/15-4/29)

Details: Scrabble Book Ring Retail Value of $12 These rings are a fun thing to add to any wardrobe! These pieces speak to our inner reader, who loves books and wants to carry them with them. Each piece is made from the Library of World Poetry book and may vary from piece to piece. The tiles sits on an adjustable ring, so one size fits all! This can be worn on a nice evening out or for everyday wea... »

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