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Stephanie Mullani Real Life Rosie

Stephanie Mullani Real Life Rosie

Name: Stephanie Mullani Title: Owner/Founder of Natural Girl Diary.  I am a writer, blogger, artist, designer, and health nut. Background/Education: BFA from the Minneapolis college of art & design, dual major in fine art and illustration.  My formal art education includes foreign exchange study at the Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal College of Art, London. I have educational training... »

Purse Scooper Giveaway (3/4-3/11)

Giveaway Details: Carter 3 Enterprises LLC will be giving away the Vehicle Purse Hook – The Purse Scooper.  It retails for $19.99 plus s/h. The Purse Scooper is an auto accessory that keeps a purse immobilized and accessible while the car is in transit. This product ends the dilemma of your purse flying off the passenger seat, spilling its contents and putting it out of reach!  It is mad... »

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