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Sarah Mazzone Real Life Rosie

Name: Sarah Mazzone Title: Founder Company: Made in USA Challenge Company Website: Tell us about yourself: I am a Mom, Registered Nurse and blogger. I have always been interested in sustainability and being a conscious consumer. I began a personal challenge to find locally made alternatives, and began blogging about my progress. As I learned more about the role of... »

Anahid and Armine Thompson Real Life Rosies

Anahid and Armine Thompson Real Life Rosies

Name:  Anahid and Armine Thompson Title: Founders Company: Noubar ltd. Company Website: My sister and I started Noubar ltd. as a way to have our own unique voice in our parent’s small business, Cleveland Outdoor Advertising, Inc. We wanted a creative and conscious way to repurpose retired billboard vinyl. By trade, my sister is an economist and I am an attorne... »

The Power of YOUR Vote!

You might look at this title and wonder why I am writing about voting right now. The Presidential Election was a LONG and BITTER race, and it seems like most Americans were happy to have it over, even if “their” guy didn’t win. This post isn’t about local elections, or helping elect the next members of Senate or Congress. This post is about the power each one of us uses eve... »

I love well-designed, USA made products. Do you?

I’ve had SO much fun over the last few weeks meeting with some amazing women who are creating inspiring and fabulous items. From Miss Courageous, we just added an adorable and whimsical candy sprinkle bottle cap ring, wine cuff links and earrings for the wine lover in your life, and block money clips, tie clips, and cuff links made from LEGO pieces. I could go on and on about her fabulous pr... »

Miss Courageous Giveaway (2/4-2/10)

Miss Courageous Giveaway (2/4-2/10)

We’re excited to share this great giveaway from one of the newest rosieMADE artists! These playful, bright, and whimsical items are created from recycled legos. They are the perfect gift for your Valentine–or another special man in your life! Details: Cuff links and a matching tie clip made with red LEGO* plates. The combined Retail Value is $22.00.   We’re busy uploading ... »

Stephanie Dell’Olio Real Life Rosie

Name: Stephanie Dell’Olio Title: President, Retail Division Company: Marcus Bros. Company Website: What inspires you? I am inspired by the passion of those around me that live to create with fabrics and color. What are your favorite quotes? 1) The challenge is staying focused, fresh and with our wits about us. 2) In the final analysis you just live with all the pro... »

Claire Montañez-Charamnac Real Life Rosie

Claire Montañez-Charamnac Real Life Rosie

Name: Claire Montañez-Charamnac Title: Executive Director Company: Women LEAD Company Website: I have always had a passion for empowering women, from my childhood growing up in Singapore to my work now at my non-profit organization, Women LEAD. I co-founded Women LEAD, the first and only leadership development organization for young women in Nepal, in 2010 when I was a j... »

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