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About Us

Launched in November, 2012 rosieMADE offers inspired, quality gifts and products that are made in the USA by women friendly companies. We sell riveting gifts that help build American dreams.rosie-certified-seal

Providing a curated assortment of American made products, we strive to be your favorite resource for made in the USA gifts. All of our products are handmade or created using small batch techniques and remarkable ingredients, resulting in outstanding quality. We are a woman-owned company, inspired by Rosie the Riveter. We work to help other women-owned and small companies grow. Based in Idaho, we scour the US for amazing products to share on our site to help you live an inspired American dream.

For each purchase made, our customers can feel great, knowing where the item was produced and who made it. They know that their purchase has created impact for our vendors, but also for other women entrepreneurs, since we are constantly investing into resources for them.

IWJ TM Pic CroppedGoals
Our goal is to connect the dots between women and influence. By using the power of consumer spending and your help, we plan to make women-owned businesses bigger, better, and stronger!

In the process, we hope to increase the number of women engaged in entrepreneurship, increase wages and jobs for Americans (especially for women), and promote the accomplishments of women while supporting their advancement.

Our Shop: By selling products from women-owned business made here in America, we can divert consumer spending from benefiting overpaid CEO’s back towards businesses that need support—women-owned businesses. These businesses reinvest in their communities, so supporting them will benefit others, too.
Our Network: By listing women-friendly businesses to our site, we hope to build a network of people who are committed to helping one another. Using services and buying products from “rosie” businesses will benefit them and others, too.
Our Real Life Rosies: By featuring women who are inspiring, we can celebrate women who may not receive praise elsewhere for their actions. These women have important views and insights that need to be heard. These women have and will continue to inspire others with their words and actions.
Our Giveaways: By featuring giveaways, we strive to build awareness for women-friendly businesses that are looking to spread the word about their USA made products.
Our Content: Our content is intended to build awareness for all things “rosie.”

We’re a small but mighty team. Committed to improving the world, we have diverse backgrounds in education, psychology, business, communications, and family and consumer sciences. We are experienced, fresh out of college, or even in college. We are “rosies” and “rosie supporters.”

Alicia Vanderschuere founder rosieMADE

Our Founder
Our Founder, Alicia Vanderschuere, is a USA manufacturing advocate, an idealist, a champion for women, a believer in good, a corporate survivor, a spreadsheet and organizational junkie, a healthy living proponent, a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur.

She thinks that the power structure in society has not changed, even though life has. She knows the glass ceiling still exists—she touched it. She has lived the statistics, and knows that women have earned more leadership opportunities, better wages, maternity leave benefits, access to capital, and so much more. Through rosieMADE, she brings together women and resources so that women can see pathways to their own successes.She took her 15 years of retail and corporate merchandising experience, coupled her passion for the American dream and hard-working women, mixed in an inspiring figure (Rosie the Riveter), and created rosieMADE LLC.

Why Rosie?Rosie the Riveter Image
Rosie the Riveter was an iconic figure who used her strength to keep the USA running during World War II. She is important to USA manufacturing and its history. She has come to stand for the women’s movement. She embodies the strength of female character.

At rosieMADE a “rosie” is strong, smart, proud, kind, beautiful, tenacious, gutsy, powerful, funny, generous, adventurous, loving, optimistic, and SO MUCH MORE.

She is in ALL of us! She is the best of all of us!

Learn more about Rosie the Riveter here.

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